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Personal Branding

Personal Branding is growing increasingly important in today’s world, where technology surrounds us. One of the factors that goes into building your personal brand, is looking at the reputation you accumulate from social media content. With the help of, you can manipulate the search engine results that come up by searching your name, and give yourself a better online presence.

In order to receive your initial score from, you have to go through the list of your top ten search results and rate them as being positive or negative. After going through the list, which for me was all positive, I found that my initial score was actually pretty high, as shown below.

Finally, I was able to manipulate my online presence by following the recommendations, which are different for everyone, depending on your initial score. Personally, I chose to boost three of my most positive links in order to bury some of the items that came up, unrelated to me. Being able to manipulate search engine results allows for a more solidified personal brand to come across when other search your name or business.

Krawczak, L. (02/01/2017). Branding Screenshot. [Digital]. Retrieved from:

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