Branding · Photoshop · Poetry

Using Photoshop

By using Photoshop, I was able to transform an ordinary picture of me reading a book on the beach into a more artistic photo. For this assignment, I chose to remove an element of the original photo and add a filter.

The element I removed was the red sticker on the book which I felt looked too distracting. I removed the sticker using the paint brush as well as the healing brush. The healing brush helped me blend the colors in that I used to paint over the red sticker.

The filter I chose was the dry-brush filter and I changed the sharpness and brush stroke size to make sure the waves in the background were still well defined. I chose this filter because I thought it added a more nautical feel to the photo and helped blend in the beachgrass with the sand.



Krawczak, L. (11/6/2015). Hughes On The Beach [Photograph].



Krawczak, L. (3/1/2017). Hughes On The Beach Revised [Photograph].


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