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Personal Branding Through Keywords

With help from the Google Ads Keyword Tool, you can help your website or blog  with search engine optimization. The use of keywords can be vital to ensuring that your webpage shows up for the things you want to be searched for.

keyword-cloud (3.15.17). Keyword Cloud. [Photograph].Retrieved from

I came up with the following keywords, five on my own, and five with the help of Google’s suggestions and the global search rate for each:

  • Grand Valley State University (100k-1m)
  • Technical Writer (10k-100k)
  • Freelance Writing (10k-100k)
  • English Degree (1k-10k)
  • Feminism (100k-1m)
  • Personal Branding (10k-100k)
  • Freelance content writer (1k-10k)
  • Feminism today (1k-10k)
  • Writers needed (100k-1k)
  • Copywriter (100k-1m)

Keywords are the most successful when they can be used organically on the webpage. The following sentences utilize my keywords in the most organic way I could think of:

  • I got my English degree from Grand Valley State University.
  • I hope to be able to become a technical writer or do freelance writing on my favorite topics, like feminism.
  • Feminism today has become a popular topic for writers in many industries.
  • Personal branding is important for the writers needed today in order to establish a presence online and in the industry.
  • As a freelance content writer or a copywriter, you are asked to write creative and intriguing pieces on a variety of topics and subjects.




6 thoughts on “Personal Branding Through Keywords

  1. Your blog post was set up very well, it was easy to follow along with wile still being informational. All of your keyterms seem like great options to use in later blog posts. Their monthly average searches are quite high, so your blog has a better chance as coming up as a result when people are searching with those keyterms.


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